Alexandra Rüegg


Student, Bachelor in Trends & Identity,

University of Arts Zürich




08 / 2019 – 12 / 2019

Exchange semester at the Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam, Netherlands


08 / 2017 – 06 / 2020

Bachelor in Design, Trends and Identity, Zurich University

of Arts, Switzerland


05 / 2017 – 07 / 2017

Park Bags, Design Internship, Zurich Switzerland


02 / 2016 – 02 / 2017

Propaedeutic, Zurich University of Arts, Switzerland


Video campaign for the new retro line of international fashion label Bally. Inspired by Bally’s captivating and vibrant historic posters we developed a contemporary approach. Using irriation as the main tool, we grab the viewers attention in an overwhelming world and allow the observer to experience the unexpected.

Collaboration with Franca Siedler and Deborah Rhyner.


A video portrait of Mahdi Yacobi, 23, refugee from Afghanistan. In three minutes he describes and highlights the story behind each clothing piece he is wearing. Ranging from military pants, strictly forbidden in his country of birth, to a necklace given to him by his teacher as a lucky charm. 

"Part Objects " 

An edition of handcrafted vases. Produced out of cement and local construction waste, it showcases a visible reuse of the last remainings of demolished buildings.The terazzo aesthetic makes the vase enhance any surrounding. 



"Part Objects"

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