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The creative industry project consists of three initiatives that are directly linked to each other. It is a research program, workshops and conference as a basis for a permanent exchange between the École Supérieure des Arts Visuels Marrakech, ESAV and Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK. ESAV is also a hub for French-speaking Africa and in particular for Senegal. Senegal is financing a number of student places in Morocco for Senegalese students every year.  

Creative industry according to UNESCO

The cultural industries, which include publishing, music, cinema, crafts and design, continue to grow steadily apace and have a determinant role to play in the future of economy and culture. Their international dimension gives them a determining role for the future in terms of freedom of expression, cultural diversity and economic development. Although the globalization of exchange and new technologies opens up exciting new prospects, it also creates new types of inequality. The world map of these industries reveals a yawning gap between North and South. This can only be counteracted by strengthening local capacities and facilitating access to global markets at national level by way of new partnerships, know-how, control of piracy and increased international solidarity of every kind.

Source: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/culture/themes/creativity/creative-industries/

Last visited December 8, 2018

Research program


The research program forms the basis for the exchange and generates the arguments that were the basis for the workshop themes and then structures the ongoing thematic exchange. As a starting point, interviews with various potential interested parties was conducted in Morocco. The interview partners were asked about their ideas, needs, concepts, etc. in relation to the creative industries and the results were further explored at the conference in Marrakech.

Exchange ESAV Marrakech and ZHdK


Starting 2019 a permanent exchange program between the two schools will be established. This exchange will take place at different levels.



The various individuals and institutions involved were invited to a conference and discuss their ideas, needs, requirements and requests. Participants included representatives of the interviewed institutions, as well as speakers from ESAV and ZHdK. All students participating in the Zurich workshop presented their jointly developed results. The objective of the conference was to define a common program for a future exchange program as well as concrete actions to be taken in the field of creative industries. 



A workshop, to which six students from Marrakech and as many from Zurich were invited took place in September in Zurich. In addition to the contribution of various lecturers and their ideas about the creative industries, different start-ups and co-creation spaces were involved. The theme was "creative industries" and the students developed their own concepts, which then were present on the conference in November. 

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