Exchange ESAV Marrakech and Zurich University of the Arts : Beginning 2019, a permanent exchange between the two schools will be established. This exchange can take place on different levels. 

Bachelor program

Individual modules can be defined for the exchange. It is also possible to include modules from other degree programs like Film, CAST and others. Conversely, similar modules are defined in Marrakech which can be attended by ZHdK students. At the beginning of this program, two potential modules will be defined which will be considered as a test and an extension will take place at a later date after the evaluation of this experience.

Master program

Here it is conceivable that students from both schools can spend a certain period of time at the respective partner school. The exchange in the Master's program must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. It is conceivable to establish an exchange in the medium term in the field of film, because ESAV can offer a great deal in this area (infrastructure, production possibilities, lecturers).

Mid-level and lecturers

On the one hand, the exchange can be an opportunity for ZHdK assistants to gain experience in another school or, on the other hand, assistants from Marrakech could be partially trained here in Zurich. “Teach the teacher” can be another topic, because in Marrakech it will be important to build up a Moroccan faculty in the medium term. This could open up an interesting field of work for the department art education of ZHdK.

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