Eric van Hove


Designer and Artist




Eric van Hove (born in Guelma, Algeria, lives and work in Marrakesh, Morocco) is a Belgian conceptual artist. His recent works focus on craft as an industrial and cultural sector in the postfordist 21st century African and cosmopolitan context. Considered by a growing number of critics as a post-conceptualist, his recent work primarily use craft as a medium to ponder the legacy of contemporary art and the industrial heritage of the 20th century. He is presently working on The Mahjouba Initiative: an ambitious three-year project aiming to conceive a functioning electric moped for the local African Market using mainly craft and a few 3D printed parts. His first prototype (on a total of five by 2020) was nominated in 2017 for the Beazley Design of the Year Award at the Design Museum, London.


The Mahjouba Initiative is the brainchild of Belgian conceptual artist Eric van Hove. This three-year long artistic engineering endeavor aims, through the development of five prototypes and several think-tanks to conceive an electric moped to be built mainly by craftsmen in large quantity for the local Moroccan market. The think-tanks help to collectively brainstorm a new social, economic, and manufacturing model to be used for manufacturing (key terms are: shared-ownership, decentralized manufacturing, socially engaged, copy-left aspects). Based on the Maghrebian country’s goal to achieve a significant percentage of its national consumption via solar energy (Noor Power Station) and the fact that 20% of the nation’s active workforce is in the craft sector, the Mahjouba Initiative is a multidisciplinary and collectively developed entrepreneurial artwork. The first prototype – Mahjouba I – was nominated for the Beasley Design of the Year 2017 Award at the Design Museum/London.

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