Creative Industry

Project Ensemble — creative industry in the francophone countries of Africa 

Purpose and challenge

The promotion of the creative industry in emerging countries, such as Morocco, depends on ideas and concepts on one side and on infrastructures on the other side. The workshop with students from ZHdK and ESAV aimed to formulate concrete ideas and concepts for a sustainable development of the creative industry in Morocco and in other developing countries. Various inputs and visits were organized to stimulate the planned creative process. 

The aim of the workshop

The aim of the workshop was to present the developed ideas and concepts at a conference at ESAV in Marrakech between November, 15 to 17. The participating students of ZHdK and ESAV were invited to the conference to present their findings.

Participants ESAV

Marwa Eddari, Chaymae Ejjakhch, Oualid Ayoub, Abdelmounaim Ennokra, and Ayoub Lahnoud


Participants ZHdK 

Romina Häner, Alexandra Rüegg, Andrea Wolf-Simone, Rebecca Zesiger, and Christoph Ibrahim, andSebastian Huber



Larissa Holaschke, Katharina Leuenberger, and Peter Vetter


Organized by

Zurich Universtity of the Arts, Degree Program Trends and Identity


At the beginning of the workshop there was an input from Peter Vetter on the topic of creative industries according to UNESCO as well as various data and definitions concerning mainly African countries. The initial phase was characterized by intensive discussions between the students in order to create a common basis for the further work. During the following days, where the students worked in five groups and pursued different concepts and topics, various additional inputs were also foreseen. We visited the Co-working Space "Kraftwerk" and the collection of the "Museum für Gestaltung". In addition, there were various lectures on the subject, such as "The Nice Magazine" by Rahel Arnold, "Carpet production in the Atlas" by Salomé Bäumlin and the lecture by Francis Müller on ethnography. At the end the five groups illustrated their projects, which they then presented to a wider audience at the conference in Marrakech > see (link to conference)

The teams

Chayma Ej-jakhch, Andrea Wolf-Simone and Sebastian Huber

Rebecca Zesiger and Abeldmounaim Ennokra

Alexandra Rüegg and Ayoub Lahnoud

Christoph Ibrahim and Marwa Eddari

Romina Häner and Oualid Ayoub

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