There are two fundamental aspects to this: One is content (e.g. craft, digitization etc.) and the other is infrastructure (e.g. co-creation, hubs etc.). Can we go into these two aspects in more detail?

«We think there are two aspects: content and infrastructure. Eventually, we can think in the future of certain infrastructures such as co-working, co-creation, hub or something like that; or we can have them built. And I think it's things like that that you can initiate a situation. That's right. And the idea is to combine international actors, Moroccans, Africans...? That's great.» Meriem Berrada


«But, it's part of the education, this fantasy. It's part of that education that makes the only fantasy you can have is getting into a system that's ready; and then, not having too much fantasy because it means thinking about things that could change things. Unfortunately, we are now at this point, thinking about how we can make people want to imagine another future. We are really on basic issues of how to change the way we think.» Laila Hida


«Then, we must ask ourselves about a cultural substrate and ask the question: can Moroccan culture give birth to a collaborative model like this? The only collaboration in Muslim-Arab-African societies is tribal, family collaboration. Because she is... I don't know how to tell you! It is cultural. But it's very complicated...» Meryem Sebti


«I think these are formats that are now developing. We are in something different because we are not a space where our dynamic is not innovation or trying to create something. If we create, it is because we try to produce. It is a reflection where we ask ourselves questions about something that already exists. Or an artist's work, or an archive or through the reactivation of a heritage.» Laila Hida


«I think that the first step is that we ourselves, each of us within our own country, were preparing young people for this desire to go towards the other, to be attentive to each other; to be curious about how the other thinks, how the other lives and how the other can bring you something... it is they who came to work with us in Casablanca and not the other way around. We're still at that point. That is, our future is made with the other. He must be imagining with the other. We are always in this situation of waiting for the other to come to us as you are doing now.»

Abdelmoumen Benabdeljalil

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