Which area of the creative industries is, in your opinion, particularly important for Morocco?

«It's just in relation to that, when you said that you can't initiate people to do something or create if they don't know how. Like what, do they have the possibility to create. Because everyone can create, but he must know when, and how he will do it.» Maha Mouidine


«But in fact, all this finally raises the same question, that is, at some point you have a generation that is pausing and thinking that Morocco is a country with extraordinary wealth. We have a wealth of knowledge, especially in life style and how to use it in creative industries, around, therefore, beauty products, natural handicrafts... etc.» Meryem Sebti


«We need a new thought. If you want, for me, the challenge too, is that there are no new forms of oppression, in fact, of the person. That is, if we remove... because ultimately this revolution is about removing intermediaries, in the end. So if before we deplored the fact that the little weaver from the Moroccan countryside was finally exploited by Carrefour Europe, which sold its 100 euro weaving when it would receive 2 euros.» Meryem Sebti


«Not exist but new. No, I'm thinking if we can save what already exists, that would be fine, rather than venturing into a new sector. It is true that the artisan is a field where 400,000 people work in this sector and 400,000 are in crisis.»  Abdelmoumen Benabdeljalil


«In order to be able to take the train on the road, I think it is important for us to be well rooted in our culture. We can't just take what's going on. Soon after, we have a history that makes us have a historical heritage of dynasties and colonials. I also think that people are starting to ask themselves a lot of questions about who we are? What do we really want? Do we still want to continue?» ?


«What have we built for us and do we want to create new models? And, if it is necessary to create new models, why? With whom? Who are our allies with whom we can share this story, which can be similar.» Laila Hida

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