Digitization will provoke major changes in the coming years. It is estimated that in ten years 60% of the people will be working in a profession whose name we do not yet know? What will this mean for an emerging country like Morocco?

«Yes, it is a great potential (marketing on the Internet); but you have to know that it is not feasible in Morocco because we are going to meet customs and banking constraints, it is very complicated... when they have to pay for something, it is complicated...» Sylvie Billaudeau


«This is a reality today. Truly. Now they lack some structures and resources to do so. Because there are, however, paths to follow, that we do not despise and have no framework for. The school system is made in such a way that there is a predominance of private schools, necessarily, because the public school, unfortunately, does not work. This means that people have their own means.»

Meriem Berrada


«But you need a platform. What is terribly lacking is an information platform on everything. I think for the artists, for the public too, the great welcome. You arrive somewhere and you want to know who, what, how; you don't have places that are inventoried regularly.» Estelle Guilié


«I think that digitization will democratize manufacturing a little more and allow a flowering of both support, document, even the way it will be received. I think everything is being built. It's true that I can't wait to see what the young people who receive this, what they will create with the new consumption! And the free exchange of all this information is quite amazing.... ! » Estelle Guilié


«And this part, I think, unconsciously plays on the technological part. That is, as long as we keep this door of knowing who is closing, we withdraw into ourselves, into what comes from the outside. Unfortunately, what comes to us from the outside, we do not know if it is true or not. » Ilias El Mezouari

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