What should be taken into account to promote positive cooperation between people from Morocco and Switzerland or Europe?

«Then there is the exchange with Asian countries, because it is another way of living; and because I find, when we talk about tradition and modernity: because in Morocco. We have not yet succeeded, certainly, in solving this... tradition and modernity work very well together (Japanese example)... I find all this very, very strong. We have to get there here. That's it, it's an experiment to do. I am very open to experiments. I love it....»  Sylvie Billaudeau


« I think that's essential. And I would even say, in particular, for people from other countries who do not have to travel that this is a real opportunity and I often read this with young people, young operators for example, with whom I work only for, for example, problems of visas or means cannot leave; and the fact of leaving is - for me, it was an experience.» Meriem Berrada


«But I think we must be able to open up and go into this discussion but not into a confrontation because there are arguments behind this radicality. Yes, you will always have the legitimacy to talk about something from which you did not come. After building a team in the plural makes the arguments, we manage to build them together.» Estelle Guilié


«We were in France, and we saw a difference between how people think there and how people think here. Here, we are very manual; the people there are very conceptual. And that's what we need: to think and develop an idea. The technique we have them. There, they can be stopped by technique; not many..».

Maha Mouidine


«The exchange we had with the students from Zurich, we noticed that they think and know very well how to develop a subject, and they look for very deep, sometimes very poetic subjects; and we are very "how I will do it?" and not the process. It's the "how will it be?" ending. It taught us to really think about a project and develop it very well. I think it's very complementary.»

Ilias El Mezouari

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