How can we best implement the idea of "learning from each other"?

«Building bridges, bringing people from all over the world together to learn from each other. Here is an innovative concept, reciprocity as a factor of mutual education. And it gives hope.» Fatima El Azadi


«I have this feeling that when you come to countries like ours, you get the impression that everything is to be made, everything to do! We can find this feeling of creating something wonderful, new, revolutionary. It's either the feeling I have or the fantasy.» Laima Chraibi


«And by proposing collaborative models, you take part at your scale and level of competence in an adventure and you can grow with the adventure and you can make it grow. And that is decisive in the models and in the way of our generation, because I grew up with the computer age, but much less develop what is happening today. All you have to do is see the children. But we are a transitional generation that really makes a difference. We're really in between.» Meriem Berrada


«I find it fascinating because we are always fascinated by everything, by this idea of progress that we can't get. I always tell myself that in Morocco, we are not made for that, we are not made for progress, it is not possible. That's never gonna happen. So we think of alternative ways of existing, of making the system work, everything is alternative; everything is a D system... not everything but a lot of things. In this sense, it can be interesting to have this naive side but also to realize that design is something important.» ?


«On the one hand we have American cinema and on the other hand we have Egyptian cinema. It has everything. There are completely opposite things; but it's interesting and that's why this society is ultimately complex and paradoxical because the influences come from everywhere and as a result there are people who see through it, others who see through it.» Laila Hida

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