Post Aslak


Alexandra Rüegg and Ayoub Lahnoud

Project description

Dedicated to the numerous creatives throughout Morocco we developed our concept for „Post Aslak“, a digital and physical platform of Design. Built up on a website, a magazine and a poster campaign, we aim to give recognition and visibility to local creatives, inspire two opposite cultures and make a brand out of Moroccans rich, traditional creative industry.


The website functions as a portfolio, cultural agenda and exchange platform. It’s main features are the main page with a „wall“ of names, each dedicated and linked to an artist, as well as the possibility of visually flipping between Morocco and Switzerland and therefor being able to dive into the opposite cultural community. Our physical side is a collection of unusual posters, shaped in the form of the specific art work, and are meant as an open gallery to showcase artists globally. 


To engage with people who do not feel comfortable on the internet, there will be a printed magazine which handles similar topics as the website and includes a poster. To be inclusive all content is in Arabic and English.

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