Maha Mouidine


Graphic designer & typographer




After successful studies in marketing, Maha Mouidine turned to what has always fascinated her, creation. She joined (ESAV), École Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Marrakech where she obtained a Master degree in graphic design.

Throughout her education, Maha Mouidine has constantly studied the graphic codes of the Amazigh culture from where her roots are. She has taken advantage of every possibility that has been offered to her to develop creative projects and document the visual universe of Amazigh culture. Her research project of two years for the Master's degree is indicative of Maha Mouidine's commitment to her culture. After studying how Tifinagh writing was taught in Morocco, Maha worked together with experts, organized writing workshops to create and propose a cursive writing model for Tifinagh and thus make her teaching more adapted.




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