Project Partners 

Zurich University of the Arts

With around 2,100 Bachelor and Master students and 650 teaching staff, Zurich University of the Arts is one of the major universities of the arts in Europe. The study and research program covers the areas of design, film, fine arts, music, dance, theatre, transdisciplinary studies, and the teaching of arts and design. The university also has many venues for exhibitions and performances, where the results of the education provided can be shown in public.

Fondation Susanna Biedermann

Susanna Biedermann and her husband Max Alioth, both originally from Switzerland, were convinced of the important role that visual arts have in supporting social change. Always motivated by the curiosity for other cultures and the spirit of openness, dialogue and exchange, Susanna and Max founded the Susanna Biedermann Foundation (FSB) in 1998. They then founded Dar Bellarj and ESAV, these institutions are at the same time places of artistic training but also cultural platforms for actors of the city of Marrakech. The FSB’s mission is to support the emergence of new talents and professionals in the field of cinema and visual communication. The aim is also to raise public awareness of the value of the Moroccan tangible and intangible heritage in all its diversity, being at the same time Arab, Amazigh, Andalusian, African and Mediterranean. In other words, the FSB Foundation intends to be rooted in tradition and open to contemporary creation.

Graduate School of Visual Arts of Marrakech

The philosophy of the Graduate School of Visual Arts of Marrakech is based on two principles, and described by Vincent Melilli director of the school as follows: “First, to build a School of art where the emphasis is on learning “to look”. Secondly, to orient education towards future-oriented professions with high potential for economic development in Morocco”. For the founders of the school it was also very important to ensure, that access to the school was above all based on the criteria of fairness and excellence. The school is open for international dimensions, always with the aim of creating a framework for intercultural exchange and dialogue and social diversity.

Supported by

Ambassade de Suisse au Maroc, Rabat

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