Reflection and statements

"I found these two weeks so interesting, especially all the things I didn’t know about my country. Everyone had his certain point of view and brought interesting projects into the discussion." Marwa Eddari


"It was my first time I discovered a new country in reality. I prepared myself with a lot of energy not to be lazy and to profit from these two weeks. Not only the school, but also the daily life on the street showed me the differences between Morocco and Switzerland. Together with my swiss team partner, I had the opportunity to discover the culture of the other."  Chayma Ej-jakhch


"In Graphic Design in Morocco, we learn a lot about Swiss Design. Finally I had the opportunity to see and discover it in real." Chayma Ej-jakhch


"It’s the first time I worked on a project like this. At the first day I didn’t really know what it is all about. But then it got more and more interested while we were talking all together. It went much deeper than being just a workshop."  Ayoub Lahnoud


"I found it very interesting how the problems of creative industry in Morocco could even affect more people. We’re all here have to do something. How can we treat the problems and see it with a certain eye from the point of our different backgrounds. That affected me the most." Oualid Ayoub


"The topic of the workshop is very interesting. Before, I didn’t know about creative industry but now I see how important it is. The workshop made me think differently than before." Abdelmonnaime Ennokra


"The topic became more and more important during the time of the workshop for me. We’re all included in that topic somehow." Christoph Ibrahim


"All of us, we had a good time. It was so beautiful to see, that it doesn’t matter where the people come from, you feel the same, have the same issues, talk about the same topics and at the end, we’re all creative people." Christoph Ibrahim


"Having a group of two was the perfect idea, I really enjoyed it. I had the possibility to hear a lot about the other culture and to build up a very personal relationship to the other to hear about the other from a very personal point of view."

Alexandra Rüegg


"Now at the end, even though we come from two very different cultures, we have the same approach to design." Alexandra Rüegg


"I felt this workshop is really important, so I was really motivated to do something meaningful." Rebecca Zesiger


"I discovered for myself I want to do more in this context of cultural collaboration. It is so important, just to exchange, it doesn’t have to be a work or product at the end, it’s about the discussions and thoughts we share in this time together." Romina Häner


"It was a really good co-working. Even though it was not always easy to understand each other. It was absolutely worth taking the time and listening to the others and their ideas." Sebastian Huber

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