As a starting point for all other projects related to the creative industries, a number of interviews were conducted in Morocco. Following a common grid of six questions, 11 people from foundations, schools, cultural institutions and publishers were interviewed. The aim was to pick up the ideas, requirements and concepts of the Moroccans and to formulate questions from the analysis for the other initiatives within the framework of the "Ensemble" project. This first step in Morocco will later be extended to Senegal and other French-speaking countries.

What is your definition of creative industries? 

Which area of the creative industries is, in your opinion, particularly important for Morocco?

Digitization will provoke major changes in the coming years. It is estimated that in ten years 60% of the people will be working in a profession whose name we do not yet know? What will this mean for an emerging country like Morocco?

There are two fundamental aspects to this: One is content (e.g. craft, digitization etc.) and the other is infrastructure (e.g. co-creation, hubs etc.). Can we go into these two aspects in more detail?

What should be taken into account to promote positive cooperation between people from Morocco and Switzerland or Europe?

How can we best implement the idea of «learning from each other»?

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