What is your definition of creative industries?

«We are in an emerging country, so creativity is what we need to feed ourselves and bring out our ideas, to rework things that exist today and that are not necessarily modernized.» Sylvie Billaudeau


«I think that the creative industry, from where I am located, at least as a Moroccan citizen, I see that in Morocco there are many new practices in the field of crafts, especially those that have been initiated either by new North-South exchanges, and in particular an entire European diaspora that has come to explore the Moroccan craft industry.» Meryem Sebti


«I think more in platform and the idea of being able to create, to weave links rather than to put forward this notion of industry which, from a first a priori, is perhaps a semantics but which scares me a little bit in the sense that, for me, art is something that must be preserved from the market and to have this idea, this freedom of creation that is not connected to this idea of the market with the idea of finally answering an offer or a demand. There must be something very individual, very precious, and as such, you have to be careful - for me - to this semantics.» Estelle Guilié


«A single objective: creation and creativity. Admittedly, an objective that will promote the enhancement of cultural potential in Morocco while adapting current production, the reproduction of the past and creative renewal (crafts, traditions, values and others), but must be accompanied by promotion and dissemination for its markets.» Fatima El Azadi


«This industry is the one that makes it possible to carry this creation and to move it forward, to bring it towards new formats, to question existing formats but also to challenge it in relation to things that are of the order of tradition towards modernity. So, find the junctions between what we know how to do, what we can do and how far we can take the creation and the creative industry.» Laila Hida


«There is a political will in Morocco to give, it is a little exceptional, in this part of the world, that is to say in African countries... That doesn't mean there's a lot. And that's good enough. We can't say there's nothing. There is hope; there is above all a will and then, above all, there are young people.»Laima Chraibi

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